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6/28 FRIENDS Hint

The names of the 6 main characters all came from All My Children:

  • Chandler is from the Chandler family

  • Ross comes from Ross Chandler (part of that aforementioned Chandler family)

  • Rachel Green’s last name is the same as Janet Green

  • Monica was inspired by Monique

  • Joey and Joey Martin share a name

  • and Phoebe came from Phoebe Tyler Wallingford

Hope you got tix, we are 100% sold out!

5/17 The Office Hint

Did you know there’s a girl that worked in the background for, like, years? Yeah, me neither. Turns out her name is Luanne. Here’s a page on her, if you’re interested.


PS We are SOLD OUT, so sorry if you didn’t get tix