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10/17 Wissahickon Hint

Pat’s King of Steaks is located at 1237 E Passyunk Ave in South Phila, 19147

Geno’s Steaks is located at 1219 S 9th St. in South Phila, 19147

I’ll leave it up to you to decide which is better

(If I had to pick, it’s Pat’s, but yo— choose neither and go to Dalessandro’s up on Henry)

Sean MaguireWissahickon
9/12 Wissahickon Hint

The Stranger (originally released in French as L’Etranger) is a story about Meursault, a shipping clerk living in 1940s French Algiers, who is a detached but otherwise ordinary young man.  He receives a telegram informing him of his mother’s death and attends the funeral, but surprises others with his unusual calm and detached demeanor.

This book always stuck with me after reading it in high school and I’m not really sure why.

Sean MaguireWissahickon