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What I Can Do For You

Here’s What I Can Do For You If You Hire Me:

A Quizzo Tailored to You

I will write you your very own round about your company, your team, your school, you as a couple… Whatever we’re celebrating, let’s learn some trivia about it! Plus, I will cater each and every round to your interests. Big on music? Awesome! I do audio rounds. Is your group not a sports crowd? No problem! No sports. Are youse a buncha history nerds? Cool, me too! We’ll delve deep into the annals of time. Do you like comics? Who doesn’t! We’ll do a whole theme on it.

I’ve got hundreds of topics covered, let’s make your group feel smart (or dumb! Your call). And if I don’t have one ready to go, I will make my magic work and write it for you, too.

World’s Funniest Quizzo Host™

I have comedy training (standup, sketch, and improv) from some of the brightest and funniest minds the world has to offer! Plus I’ve been doing it myself for years now, so I know a thing or two. Watch me apply it to Quizzo, and the laughs will be flying and everybody will leave with a full belly of joy.

Everybody Wins

Everybody gets to keep their pen as a souvenir! Thanks to the wonderful people over at Official Brand Solutions, I have far too many pens with my name on it that are free to have. Seriously, take one. It’s my business card!

And, because everybody likes to pretend they know an answer here and there, I always have a hint to one of the questions available on this here site. For real, I’m giving you an answer! For free!

Sounds pretty great, right? I hope so! If I’ve convinced you, click here to get in touch with me, let’s make it happen. If I haven’t convinced you, well… click here to get in touch with me and tell me why.