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Quizzo Hints

Come through here to get a daily Quizzo hint.  It might be a question!

2/14 Wissahickon Hint

It’s Valentime’s Day, sometimes we ain’t got somebody to celebrate with and that’s OK. Sometimes we have a different someone than last year, like Taylor Swift, who in no particular order has been attached to:

  • Joe Jonas

  • John Mayer

  • Jake Gyllenhaal

  • Harry Styles

(There are also others (so many others), but none of them are particularly relevant to the ‘Hint’ part of this post).

Sean MaguireWissahickon
2/13 Tio's Hint

Peter Porker, or his alias as seen here Spider-Ham. Don’t call him Spider-Pig, that’s Homer’s friend from The Simpsons Movie

Sean MaguireTio's
2/12 Murphy's Hint

“Between the Sheets” by the Isley Brothers. Very good music for makin’ babies to.

It was also used for Biggie’s “Big Poppa”!

Sean MaguireMurphy's
2/7 Wissahickon Hint

“Here and Now” by Letters to Cleo. Pretty one hit wonder-y, but I like it (because of course the flannel-clad Quizzo host loves grunge songs)

Pretty sure the chorus is “Hominahominahomina and uh HERE AND NOW HERE AND NOWWWW”

Sean MaguireWissahickon
2/6 Tio's Hint

“Wizards In Winter” by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I wanted to find the clip of Dwight Schrute “saving” the office party while blaring this, but it doesn’t seem to exist on YouTube :(

Sean MaguireTio's